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Paulina (La Patota) tops Cannes Critics' Week

Nespresso Grand Prize Semaine de la Critique.png

Making good on its director’s large promise, “Paulina,” the second feature from Santiago Mitre, whose “The Student” was one of Latin America’s standout recent debuts, topped the Cannes Film Festival’s 54th Critics’ Week, taking its Nespresso Grand Prix on Thursday.

Sold by Versatile and produced by Argentina’s La Union de los Rios, Paris-based Full House, Walter Salles’ VideoFilmes and Telefonica Studios, “Paulina” centers on a woman lawyer in a humble neighborhood who is brutally attacked but refuses to give up on her social work.

Source: Variety

Here is Santiago Mitre's message following the awards ceremony :

Paulina Nespresso Grand Prize Semaine de la Critique.png

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