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Berlin: Kristen Wiig's 'Nasty Baby' Wins Teddy Award for Best Queer Film

Nasty Baby 2014-05-01 at 8.53.00 PM(1).png

Nasty Baby, the English-language debut of Chilean director Sebastian Silva (The Maid), has won the Teddy Award at the Berlin International Film Festival for best queer film.

The drama stars Kristen Wiig as a woman who gets pregnant with the help of a gay couple . It first bowed in Sundance before moving to Berlin, where it had its international premiere.

Berlin's Teddy Award is the world's premiere film prize honoring gay and queer-themed cinema.Jim Chuchu's Stories of Our Lives, which looks at LGBTI people living in Kenya, took the runner-up Grand Jury award at the Teddys, while Aldo Garay's The New Man, about a young boy from Nicaragua who tests his society's limits when he tries to change his gender, won the prize for best documentary. San Cristobal by Omar Zuniga Hidalgo won the Teddy for best short.

Veteran German actor Udo Kier (Nymphomaniac) received a Teddy Award for lifetime achievement.

Thanatos, Drunk, a drama from Taiwanese director Chang Tso-Chi, which follows two brothers, one gay, one straight, won this year's Else award, voted on by readers of Berlin's gay and lesbian magazine Siegessaule.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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